Monday, May 21, 2012

Hollywood Regency Finds

In between writing articles for work today (YAWN), I was perusing a few different design eras and came across some Hollywood regency-style rooms that were really cool.
I looked around on Etsy and found some great pieces that could bring this element into a room. (click the links to go to the store and item)
1. Recency Mirror

 2.  Yellow Regency-inspired vase

 3.Regency-style zebra chair
 4.  Accent pillows
 5. Vintage Chair

 These are just a few of the bits I found.  I like regency for its usability. You can add a single regency-style mirror to a room or go full Lana Turner with it. Either way, a little glamour never hurt anyone (A lot of glamour might have, but whatever blows your skirt up.)

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