Friday, August 17, 2012

Really useful writing apps for the ipad

Once upon a time I was a naysayer of Apple products. I wasn't necessarily "anti,"  I just didn't see the point of switching from my PC.  Until I just couldn't fight it any longer. My PC would constantly freeze up and in the morning and when I sat down to work I had to wait for the little man on a bicycle that powered my computer to rev up Before I could get started. Annoying.

And so I now write ├╝ber happily on my iPad.  In the process of switching I have found these three super cool apps for writers. 

The first, and most 'serious writing' oriented is Manuscript

This has been a complete revelation for my writing process. Now, because everyone has a different way to organize when they write I'm sure this won't be a miracle for everyone, but its worth a shot. You can organize all of your different writing projects separately.  It has great chapter, folder, and index cards, and you can export all your writing to Dropbox or wherever you safeguard your writing.

Next up is Chronicle

This app is great for capturing memories- I've been using it as a digital scrapbook for my sons daily pics and cute little things he does. You can add text and pictures and use it as a daily journal. Simple layout and function. I dig it.

Last but not least is Scribble

This app is designed for kids, and I can't wait until my son can use it. The app allows you to draw, add stickers, and write text to create your own books.  They can even upload their books to ibooks. I think this is a cool tool for adults as well if they are writing a children's book-seems like a cool way to draft up and organize ideas.
Happy Writing!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Recipes Using Garden Tomatoes

I planted my first New Jersey garden this year.  For those of you not fammiliar with what that means, as I was before my garden started to grow, it means that New Jersey soil is insanely good for growing vegetables. I think it's the sandy texture, or maybe all of the hairspray that leaks into the ground water from the cast of Real house-ho's of New Jersey-either way, it grows a mean crop.
 Having experienced Philadelphia's growing climate for tomatoes for many years, AKA yield of three half rotten toamtoes, I was somewhat unprepared for the insane bounty of fruit.

Here's a few great ideas and recipes for what to do with garden tomatoes:
Basic Marinara from Garden Tomatoes

Heirloom Garden Tomato Salad

Happy Harvesting!