Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Recipes Using Garden Tomatoes

I planted my first New Jersey garden this year.  For those of you not fammiliar with what that means, as I was before my garden started to grow, it means that New Jersey soil is insanely good for growing vegetables. I think it's the sandy texture, or maybe all of the hairspray that leaks into the ground water from the cast of Real house-ho's of New Jersey-either way, it grows a mean crop.
 Having experienced Philadelphia's growing climate for tomatoes for many years, AKA yield of three half rotten toamtoes, I was somewhat unprepared for the insane bounty of fruit.

Here's a few great ideas and recipes for what to do with garden tomatoes:
Basic Marinara from Garden Tomatoes

Heirloom Garden Tomato Salad

Happy Harvesting!

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