Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beautiful Journals: The Nemisis of the Writer's Block Gnome

I love journals- of all kinds. I love cheap journals from Staples, leather-bound beauties, and hand-printed numbers.  Aside from a fresh idea or inspiration nothing gets those writing juices flowing quite like a fresh new journal.  I'm thinking of starting a recipe journal, so lets go shopping.
Handmade Leather Wrapped Journal
How gorgeous is this? These hand-stamped leather journals are completely customizable and only $25.

Chevron Lined Journal
I always enjoy writing in a ringed binder, $13.

Small Octopus Flip-Journal
Love this little fella. Great for a small counter note-book...maybe even recipes. $9.

Wooden Hand-Crafted Journal

This is just beautiful. It's kind of functional art, $49

And my new obsession, journal cards...
 Vintage Bird Journal Cards
 Mason Jar Journal Cards
$3, Set of 6 cards
Hand-Aged Journal Cards
$3, set of 4 cards

Over at Like This, Try That's sister blog,  Blonde on a Ladder, You can check out DIY ideas for making journal boxes.
Happy Journaling!

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