Monday, March 12, 2012

To Begin at the Begining...

Two monumental things began this weekend.  Our little man started teething and the renovations got underway in our new house. A few other things happened too.  I downloaded a fantastic virus onto my new laptop so I am back to writing on my giant dinosaur computer for now, and somewhere in the past two weeks it seems the entire contents of my house has exploded and now looks like a war ravaged zone had a baby with a looted toys r us.  But back to the two big things.  Both my son's teething as well as the house renovation had me thinking about before and afters.  And since I'm pretty sure little man will have nothing to do with me getting any before and after shots of his gums, I thought I'd share some before pics of the house.

Plantation shutters in the sitting room. One of my favorite details in this house, but desperately in need of a white washing.
The dining room.  The bottom half was primed this weekend. It was a lovely shade of 'ketschup.'
Fireplace in the Sitting Room.  Probably the least offensive color in the joint. Still on its way out though.
Master bedroom. Mustard, Again.  Or as a friend called it 'burned butter.'
Wallpaper removal int the sitting room. How many layers does it take to get to the plaster...
3rd floor office space. More plantation shutters which I love. Baby blue walls and carpet, which I do not love. Buh-Bye.
Main floor bathroom. Where should I start here...plaid wallpaper, plastic mirror, lampshade randomly sticking out of a wall. Enough said for now.

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  1. Everyone of these rooms will look a million times better after a few more painting sessions.

    That burned butter is just so damn ugly.