Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I came across these today while researching cottage design for an article I am writing. Planning for bits and pieces of each of these to make an appearance in our home in some way...(AKA: Brain is mushy. Four straight days of renovations with seven month old in tow. Now I know why you NEVER see anybody on HGTV bringing their baby to work. Notice these are all bedrooms. I dream of sleeping...)
I like everything going on in this room, but I really love the letters on the shelf. I know for a fact the ampersand is hard to find though. Let the hunt begin.
I've been seeing a lot of this "door as a headboard" idea. Love the way it looks but have slight fear of wood splinters in bad places. Food for thought.

How can you go wrong when you're bedroom looks like a super cozy bed and breakfast room? Also, if you made the room look like this, check the nightstand for a tip. You deserve one.
WOW. If you remove some of the other antler explosion in this room, this bedframe is kind of amazing.
O.K. husband agrees, I have to do this in the new house. Must put fear of splinters aside...
How realxing does this look? Quite.
And on that note, goodnight :)

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