Thursday, July 12, 2012

Put a Sailboat on it!

While looking for octopus and sailboat pillows, (Thursday is the day for that, right?), I stumbled upon  some really great decor ideas for  coastal-style rooms.  Let's take a look, shall we?

 I love the central pillow here. It's kind of like if a piece of coral and a zebra had a baby.

This room looks so relaxing. It definitely has a coastal vibe but it doesn't punch you in the face with it.
This bedroom is begging for someone to take a nap in it after they return from a day at the beach.  If no one else wants to I volunteer. Like now.
This Bedroom has a great masculine feel but is still very light and airy.  I hear, from the voices in my head, that navy and white are really making a comeback in home decor.
LOVE these over-sized chairs and the fabric they are covered in.
By the time I could get my kitchen to look like this my 10 month old son would be this old...nonetheless, love the aqua and white.
So this is just me in my brand new kitchen smiling for no reason at running water...Just kidding. Love these weathered stools though.
Now I'm off to continue my search for the perfect octopus and/or sailboat pillow. It is Thursday, after all.

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